16.4 Hardcore Miles!!!

Quite a run yesterday!! My training plan called for 16 miles and it is still just too cold for me to be willing to get outside, so treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness it was. Add to that the fact that the Napa Valley Marathon that I am training for does not allow headphones (so I am no longer wearing them during training) and we're talking about a tough way to run. So why would anyone want to make this even harder? Well, I just know I like a challenge, so I upped my pace from 10:00/mile to 9:40/mile. Wow, what a rewarding run! I was extremely difficult with no music to distract me, but I made it, in fact, I added some. I decided to go an extra 0.4 miles, so that is (in one run) a half marathon, a 5k and an extra 0.2 miles!! 2:29:37, after I was done I walked for 15 minutes to cool down, stretched, sat in the sauna for 15 minutes, then came home and used my wife's foot massager world pool thing (nice description, huh?). All in all, I felt (and still feel) very good. I'm not as sore as I expected to be after increasing my mileage AND my pace, but I managed. I'm really proud of what I've been accomplishing during training and I can't wait until March 6th so I can actually run this race!!


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