Interesting week, and a big goal decision...

It's been an interesting week. Lots of snow, lots of running. On Monday morning I went to the gym and did my scheduled 5 miles, when I got to work they sent us to work from home the rest of the day so during the time I would have been commuting home I added 3.5 more miles! Wednesday was a 7 mile speedwork run, I love those! They are very difficult, but they are challenging and stimulating. Thursday was a scheduled 4 miles, but I stretched it out to 6 miles. I had to reschedule some of my weight training because day one (Tuesday) was spent shoveling the driveway instead, but I did squeeze both of my weight training days in. Tomorrow will be a couple big milestones; I've got an 18 mile run scheduled, which will be my longest ever. I want to stretch this out to at least 18.5 miles so I can hit 40 miles for the week which would be my biggest week ever.

Now, the goal decisions part... One of my goals for 2011 was a min of 1000 miles, that is now a goal of at least 1500 miles. Shouldn't be a problem as I am currently on pace for around 1900. The other big decision involves 2012. I had planned to do my first ever triathlon in 2012, but now I want to also do my first ultra marathon in 2012. That's right, I'm planning on doing a 50k next year!! Call me crazy if you want, but I just love adding on the mileage!!!

I'll post again tomorrow after my run to let you know how this very interesting week closes out!! Happy running!!!


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