Non-running day does not equal rest day...

It's a non-running day today in my marathon training plan, so it's a nice, relaxing, sleep-in kind of day right? Not so fast, my friend!! I was up at my normal 5:40 AM to head off to the gym for Week 6 Day 1 of my weight training plan. Today was particular brutal entailing dumbbell parallel squat push presses, dumbbell horizontal inward + outward rotations, dumbbell alternate leg step ups, Javorek's Dumbbell Complex #1 and barbell back squat jumps. The plan I am on is an 18 week plan developed by Istvan Javorek ( for Johnson County Community College's Weight Training II class. I took Weight Training I last semester but am not formally taking II, but he gives out the packet with the semester's workout plan so you can continue on your own and there are several more great plans to follow in succession in his book (pictured below). His plans are based on "complex conditioning" rather than isolation, so they are VERY challenging. It really gets your heart rate up, works your stabilizing muscles and burns calories. For example, this morning's session was 45 minutes long and burned 568 calories, which is a lot for weight training. If you are looking for a dynamic, challenging, professionally designed weight training plan, I highly recommend checking out Javorek's book. It doesn't take long to start seeing visible results.

After work I will be back at 24 Hour Fitness to enjoy a nice spin class with my wonderful wife. This is why I no longer use the term "rest day", I've replaced it with "non-running day"!!!! No rest when you've got goals to accomplish!!!


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