Split Long Run that still came up short...

I’m running twice today in an effort to continue taking care of my IT Band problem, so I am writing this post in two separate parts.

Part 1:

I was scheduled for my first of three 20 mile runs during my marathon training, but I wanted to keep taking care of my IT Band problem. I decided it would be best to split it into two separate runs. I did my first run at 24 Hour Fitness in the morning and it went really well. My leg felt good and I definitely could have continued. The biggest problem I had was the idiot girls that showed up around mile 6. Apparently they thought it was a hair salon not a gym! They were walking on their treadmills at 3 miles an hour and gossiping as loudly as they could. It was incredibly distracting; this was the first time I’ve really regretted the decision to train without headphones! I’m sorry, I mean no offense to anyone that talks on the treadmill at the gym, but they could have been much more respectful of those around them. They could have talked quieter or just chatted after they were done. I mean really, who needs to go to the gym to walk 3 mph?? I walk faster than that going to the mailbox! After 4 miles of learning about the love lives of everyone these two girls know I was gladly done with my 10 miles, but still had some cool down walking to do. You guessed it, my cool down was a faster walk than their workout! I hated not getting in the full 20 miles in one shot, but my knee appreciated it and I couldn’t listen to those two idiots anymore anyway. After that I did some relaxing and the wife and I took the dogs for a walk. I plan to get in the rest of my run after dinner.

Part 2:

Well, I only got an extra 2.66 miles after dinner. I ran on the treadmill at home and the dogs were quite interested in running in the small space between the treadmill and the chair which makes me extremely nervous so I stopped. At least it wasn’t because of pain! Well, that gets me 12.66 total for the day, 26.76 for the week and 134.36 MTD/YTD. I’m disappointed I didn’t get more. But such is life.


  1. you will get it next time! Glad to hear it wasnt because of your knee, that was my first thought when I started reading. but be sure to listen to your body. Active had a nice note about over training. as for me, I have basically all but been sidelined the past couple of weeks. I have an appt with a surgeon for apparent hernia which has gone from uncomfortable to intolerable. If I can get surgery in the next couple of weeks, I will still shoot for my marathon on May 1, but I will not be as prepared as I would like. Hang in there, and yeah, pack the headphones next time!


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