Yeah, that was tough, but I kicked ass...

This morning I got on the treadmill for my scheduled 18.5 mile run. The first 13 miles were GREAT, I felt awesome. Right at mile 13 it felt like I'd run face first into a brick wall. My friend here, a Double Expresso Clif Turbo Shot, helped me power through the last 5.5 miles. That's 18.5 hard earned miles for today, an even 40 for the week, 86.4 miles YTD. This is my biggest week ever for mileage, and my longest run ever. (continued below the picture)

I also forgot to mention that yesterday I had my annual (well, supposed to be, this was my first one) physical. My doctor was amazed by my weight loss over the last year and said that my blood pressure, heart rate, and how my heart and lungs sounded were all greatly improved over any time I'd been in before. Obviously still waiting on blood work to see how my cholesterol, etc is, but it's great to hear that not only have the things I see (weight and tone) improved, but the things I can't see have as well. This healthy lifestyle seems to be paying off so far.

That's the physical side. There's also a mental side. I've always had self-confidence issues in the past, and it was at an all-time low a little over a year ago when I was at my peak of 220.2 lbs. Since November 2009 I have lost 45 lbs, run several 5k's and a half marathon and am training for a marathon. My self-confidence issues are almost gone. I now believe that if I decide to do anything I can. I never imagined a half marathon, much less 18.5 miles, were possible for me. With discipline, training and hard work I have accomplished it, so why couldn't I do anything I put my mind to?? I'm ready to keep meeting and exceeding new challenges, and I hope you are too!!!

Happy running, everyone!!!!


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