Endurance is lacking...

This is pretty much how I felt after tonight's run! 6 miles Easy Run, I did the first 3 miles @ 10:00, the next 2 miles @ 10:55 and finished the last mile at 10:00. my leg felt awesome the entire time and I think I might have put these ITB issues behind me, but my endurance has definitely suffered. I normally training on Easy Runs at 9:45-10:00 min miles, but after 3 miles I had to slow it down or I wasn't going to make it. We'll see how Saturday's Long Run (16 miles) goes, I really need to get my endurance back up since I had to skip my fist 20 miler and I only have 4 weeks of training left. I have two 20 milers left in my plan and I really feel like I need them both at full strength to do well in Napa. Anyway, it was a good run overall and it's great to not be in pain after runs again. I hope every one's getting in some great runs!!


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