The good, the bad & the ugly...

The Good: No ITB pain, soreness, stiffness, anything. I really think I've finally put this issue behind me. I know, it was only like a week and a half, but it really felt like I dealt with it forever! Definitely will be making sure to keep the foam roller as part of my regular post-running routine. Lesson learned.

The Bad: My endurance is GONE. This was a terrible run. I actually had to walk some of it towards the end. I was not happy about that. I know I'll get it back, I just hope to get it back before the Napa Valley Marathon 4 weeks from tomorrow.

The Ugly: Me after the run. I felt like I was going to pass out! It took every last bit of energy I had to survive this run. I must have looked like a ghost after I was done. I definitely got some funny looks at the gym. My mother-in-law's first words when she saw me after the run, "Are you okay??"

There was good, there was bad and there was ugly. I survived it and I got in my full 16 miles even if I did have to walk a little. My longest run in the last 2 weeks has been 10 miles, so it felt great to get a real Long Run in finally. Next week I'm scheduled for a 20 miler. It should have been my second of 3, but I missed the first one so this will be my first. Hopefully I'll make it through better than today, but we'll see. I feel confident and strong, I just need to get my endurance back that I've lost over the last couple weeks.


  1. how is your pre-run and post run nutrition? I havent got that part down in terms of fueling, but from guys I talk to that do marathons and ultras, it is key. You got the miles in, that counts!


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