Good to have a morning run again...

My wife has been overnight pet sitting for a couple of weeks now so I've been having to run in the evenings, I much prefer morning runs before work. Last night she was back home and this morning I was up at 5:40 for my morning run!! So excited!! It was a nice run. I had a 5 mile Tempo Run on the schedule today. 1 mile warm up @ 10:00, 3 mile Tempo @ 8:57, cool down 1 mile @ 10:00. It felt good and I felt strong. I can't help but feel more and more confident as I get closer to the marathon. I only have one long distance event's training to compare this to, my first half marathon this last November. I feel like I've gone through very similar highs and lows, other than my ITB issues this time that I did not have training for the half. I feel more mentally ready for this than I did for the half. It seems to be a little of the snowball effect, I feel mentally strong, which gives me more confidence making me feel even more mentally strong.

It seems like yesterday. The night I was sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop signing up for the Napa Valley Marathon. That was the evening of December 10, 2010. Now I am a week away from hopping on a plane bound for San Francisco. I'm in my 11th week of training and I've accomplished so many things during that time. Just think, I'm still a week and a half away from the marathon and it's already been amazingly rewarding experience!


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