It was cold but I was glad to be outside...

It's starting to warm up, but the sun had gone home by the time I got home. It was about 47° out when I got started and 42° when I got done 56:50 later, 6.01 mile Easy Run. I hate cold so that's about as cold as I'm willing to get out in and even with that I was not really happy with the weather, but it was great to be outside again. I haven't had an outdoor run since 12/30, that's right, this is the first outdoor run of 2011. It was a good run to get the legs loosened up again, they were still a little stiff from Saturday's 20 miler. I'm sure I would have felt better about the temperature withou the giant piles of snow on the ground. It'll be gone soon enough and I can be outside for all my runs. Happy running everyone!


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