Kicking it up a notch...

I followed up last night's great Speedwork Run with a nice Easy Run this morning. Well, that was the plan anyway. I hopped on the treadmill for my 5 miles and decided it was about time I started trying to speed up what I consider an easy run. Normal I train with my Easy Runs at 10:00 miles, so I kicked it up to 9:15. It went really well. It wasn't easy considering it hadn't even been 12 hours since that 8 mile Speedwork Run, so the legs were still a little tired. But I got through it and with more practice this will eventually become my easy pace. It was a positive run overall. It's great to have my ITB issues behind me. During that little stretch of pain I started to feel like running was work again. Now that I've put that behind me I'm enjoying my running again. I look forward to the next run which is my first 20 miler on Saturday. By the way, not only will that be my first 20 mile run, it will also push me past the 1000 miles all-time mark!

On another note, tonight Kristy and I are going to join a couple from the Good Guys vs Bad Girls Run Competition to go see the encore of the Hood To Coast movie. I'm really excited to finally meet someone from the competition and to finally see this movie I have heard so much about. I'll post my thoughts on the movie tomorrow. Happy running!!


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