Much improved...

This morning's run was great! I definitely felt my old endurance kicking in again! I felt strong and smooth the entire run and I easily could have kept going. I ran a total of 6.08 miles of my planned 6.0 miles before work this morning. First off, it was nice to get it in before work again, it feels like its been forever since I ran before work even though it's actually only been just over a week. I started at my normal Easy Run pace of 10:00/mile and it was smooth sailing. After 4.75 miles I was feeling so good I wanted to test my leg and my endurance before Wednesday's Speedwork so I kicked it up to 9:22/mile. Not a ton of increase, but again, I was just testing things out. Piece of cake. I felt great through the remainder of the run as well. It was nice to end a run feeling so strong and ready to go. Less than 4 weeks to go to the Napa Valley Marathon and I feel very confident in myself. This part of training seems to be tough, it was the same way when I did my first half marathon. You just get to a point where the race is about a month away and you are mentally ready to get to it, but you have to manage to focus on the remaining weeks of training. I'm reminding myself that the next 4 weeks will help make March 6th a success, I just mentally can't wait to get there. Soon enough, soon enough.


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