Snowpocalypse 2011...

Well, I haven't left my house (other than shoveling) since Sunday. We have had some crazy snow for sure. Yesterday was a non-running day and rather than getting to do my normal weight training I had to shovel 1 1/2 of snow off the driveway with Kristy and then walk on the treadmill while watching The Biggest Loser. I burned a lot of calories, but I enjoy weight training much more.

Today after work I had to shovel a snow drift that had formed thanks to the wind that was at least 2 1/2 to 3 feet deep at the highest point. It took just over an hour, but burned over 500 calories! Then we had some dinner and it was running time! Training for your first marathon just won't let you wait out Snowpocalypse!! I admit, I was a little nervous going into the run since my last run felt so good. I was concerned that I would be too confident and have pain again this run. It was supposed to be a 7 mile Tempo Run, but I went for a 7 mile Easy Run instead. Same as last time, I slowed my speed down to about 10:35. The run was AMAZING!!! I felt great, NO PAIN, NO STIFFNESS, NOTHING!! It was one of those runs that felt so good I wanted to go for a run to celebrate!!! I must say, February just got kicked off to a great start! It may be horrible weather, I may be upset about shoveling and being stuck on the home treadmill (which is even worse than the gym treadmill), but this was the best I've felt in a run in two weeks, so I am THRILLED!!!!

Hopefully you all are off to a great start this month, Happy running!!!


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