A week away...

It's so close I can feel the anticipation starting to build. I did my last long run today, but it did come up short. I planned an 8 mile run, but stopped at 6.17 miles. Nothing wrong, I just wasn't mentally feeling it today. That happens from time to time to all of us and today was my day. No worries though, I'm ready. I've done the work, I'm physically and mentally prepared. I just have to wait out my last week until I can get this thing done. I also have the honor of running my first marathon with a pretty nice field of athletes. The Napa Valley Marathon is a Boston Qualifier, an Olympic Trail Qualifier and an RRCA Western Regional Marathon Championship. That means there will be some serious runners in the field with me. In fact, here's an article from the Napa Valley Register about some of the elite runners: "Plenty at stake for elite-level runners at Napa Valley Marathon" I'm truely honored to share the field with these great runners for my first marathon!


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