The end of Recovery Week...

Well, it's now been 7 days since the Napa Valley Marathon. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I think I'm mostly recovered from the race now. Of course, my big toes disagree! Both of my big toes' toenails are a little bruised and gross, and they hurt quite a bit, but not horrible. My legs are still improving. So tomorrow is a rest day then it's back in the game for me! On Tuesday I start preparing for the Wickedly Fast Half Marathon on 4/16. Hopefully it is well named, I'm joining a 1:45 pace group and that would cut 20 minutes off my time from the first/last one. I'm pretty sure I can do it, but if I'm going to it's going to take some discipline. I need to get on my training starting Tuesday and I definitely need to get back to eating better. Over the last week I haven't run much (16.11 miles in 3 runs with a max of 6.68 miles today), I haven't done much else (1 yoga class), and I have eaten WAY too much of WAY too many of the wrong things. But that's what the week after a marathon is for, right? If not, don't tell me, I want to feel okay with how this week has gone!

I'm headed back to work tomorrow and I'll be wearing the Napa Valley Marathon polo shirt I bought out there! I can't wait to brag to all of the people at work that said I couldn't do it!! I DID DO IT!! It's been kind of fun being lazy for a few days, but it's got to stop before I lose my mind. How did I live like this? This is exactly how I got so far out of shape, but then I wasn't even running at all, not even the little bit I have done this week. After a few days of it I feel sluggish and useless, seriously, how did I live like this?? Don't worry, I'm going back to my overly-obsessive, insane training self tomorrow. Time to flip the switch back into kick-ass mode!! I've got a 2 mile Fun Run (for a warm up) immediately followed by a 10k in my old college town of Manhattan, KS this Saturday, so I better get back to it!!


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