First run since the marathon and my new "shoes"...

Well, it took a few days for my legs to feel good enough to get in a run again. Plus this afternoon I bought my new "shoes"!! I treated myself to some Vibram Bikilas!! My shoes have gotten closer and closer to the minimalist shoes so this seemed like the next logical step. They are certainly a big change. They feel great, I wore them all afternoon as we went around town doing various errands so my feet could get used to them before I ran in them. I've been wearing Injinji toe socks for a while now so having something between my toes didn't bother me at all. I bought them at Gary Gribble's Running Sports here in town and I tried on these and the KSOs. I liked both a lot, but the Bikilas just felt more natural, the toes on them are more flexible which allows more natural movement. So I went with them over the KSO, there was enough of a difference to justify the extra $15.

As I said before, my legs have been a little shaky since Sunday's Napa Valley Marathon. Many people have told me about the days after a marathon and that "if you've never run a marathon I can't explain how your legs feel afterwards." I now know that's very true. Those of you that have run them are chuckling knowing exactly what I mean and those that haven't are trying to imagine. It's a great sore, it is a sore that hurts and makes stairs (and tours of San Francisco) very uncomfortable. But it is a sore that serves as a constant reminder of your accomplishment. With each grimace in pain you also smile a little reminded about what you did.

We got back home to Kansas last night. Surprisingly, the flights to get home were the cure for my poor legs. Don't get me wrong, that was the most painful, uncomfortable pair of flights in my life! But, once I got home my legs felt like new! I was ready to get my run on! But it was late and I was tired so I decided to wait until today so I could get my new shoes first. After an afternoon getting stuff done with Kristy it was finally time to get in a run. No doubt these shoes are going to take some adjustment. It felt great the entire run and these things are built for speed! I was going about a minute a mile faster than I felt like I was. My stride definitely changed with these "barefoot shoes". I got in 3.29 miles in 30:57. I know, that isn't really all THAT fast, but I planned about an 11:00-10:30 pace as a recovery run and instead this is a 9:20 pace. I honestly felt like I was at my planned pace. My legs felt great and my feet felt great. After the run I noticed the big difference with these shoes. My feet were sore, but not the way you think. They were not sore from the lack of cushion (I like that and have had little cushion in my shoes for a while), they were sore from the use of different muscles! I know it will take time to build up the correct muscle groups for these to be more comfortable. Interesting note, the muscles in the lower/mid-ankle were also somewhat sore.

It was a nice run today, I'll probably take a rest day tomorrow and a "long" run Saturday. I'm not sure how long I'll shoot for just yet, I'll see how I feel. Monday I start training for the Wickedly Fast Half Marathon in Olathe on April 16th. I hope it is well named as I am planning on joining the 1:45 pace group and that would cut 20 minutes off my time from my first half.


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