Last Kansas run before the big day...

This morning was my last run in the state of Kansas before I head off to California for the Napa Valley Marathon. We leave the day after tomorrow. Of course, taper continues, so it was a nice, easy 5k this morning before work. It's still frustrating to have these short runs, but it's all for the greater good. I feel good, prepared, ready, focused. I got some great running related books from the library to read on the trip. I'm not much of a reader, but I'll need something on the plane and on layovers. Last night I started reading The Runner's Guide To The Meaning Of Life by Ambry Burfoot. It is awesome!! It has some great insights into not only running, but also life in general. I may well have this done before we even leave, but that's okay, I have several others. Maybe I can get back into reading if I read books about running!!

Also, yesterday I received my shirt for the Good Guys Vs Bad Girls Running Competition on Facebook! I love the shirt and I'm excited to wear it around town running! Hopefully it'll help get some more guys to sign up, we are at a significant numbers disadvantage so despite all the guys with great mileage the girls are winning because there are just FAR more girls involved. Oh well, I'm hoping us guys can turn this around and pull out a victory since it's only the first of March today. Here's a picture of me in my new shirt.


  1. Tapering is BORING!!!! I hope I run into you in Napa somewhere Bryan. If not, good luck, man. You've invested alot in this run and I hope you absolutely love it! Follow the yellow brick road!

  2. Sounds good, Rich! Good luck to you as well. I'll post my bib number on Friday evening so maybe if you see me say hi, it'd be great to meet you in person, I've enjoyed following your blog.


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