A special request for support...

This is the first time I've used this blog to ask for donations, but in this situation I feel it is warranted. As many of you probably know, National MS Awareness week is March 14-20. This is a disease that is debilitating and has effected the lives of many many people. One of those people is my wife's aunt Annie. Annie is one of the greatest people you'll ever meet. She's had MS for quite some time, but her wheelchair doesn't slow down her spirit. She is always outgoing and excited, she's more fun than most anyone I know. She has been very supportive of me during the last year+ as I've worked to become a runner. Unfortunately, MS keeps her from being able to run herself. Imagine if MS took away your ability to run. Every year she does the MS Walk in Topeka, KS in her chair with her family walking along side and raises money to help the fight against MS. I feel that as great as she has been to me since I joined the family and as supportive as she has been of my running, it would only be fitting for me to reach out and try to help her raise money to fight. If you know anyone with MS you know the struggles they go through. I know times are hard and I know many of the people that read this don't know me personally and definitely don't know Annie, but I ask that you help support her anyway. Even if you can just give $1, that is $1 closer to improving the lives of many people. If you can give, please go to this link and donate whatever you can: National MS Society.

Even if this post only raises a few dollars it will have been worth it. I thank you all in advance for any money you would be willing to chip in. And I thank you on Annie's behalf.


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