Wrapping up the Napa Valley Marathon posts...

I wanted to use my last rest day before half marathon training starts to put a wrap on my Napa Valley Marathon stuff. First of all, the official results put me at 1184th out of 2400, so I finished in the top half!! Not bad considering it was my first and the race was a Boston and Olympic Trial Qualifier and an RRCA Championship. Also, if any of you read the Runner's World article that led me to this race saw that they have some cool stuff for you. I thought I'd share with you some of the stuff I got at the race.

First, the freebies:

This is a very nice, well built backpack that all of of our stuff came in and was used to hold our stuff during the race

This is the front of the long sleeve tech shirt

A closer look at the logo designed by a local Napa artist

Now one of my most prized possessions, my finisher's medal

A closer, yet blurry look at the medal

Some of the various stuff from the goody bag, including GU packets, and many other great things

Now for the stuff I bought:

A very nice Asics polo shirt

Light Asics Jacket

This shirt cracks me up!

The back of the shirt features a course map


  1. NICE!!! I love the backpack. It's my favorite thing. I bought the royal blue polo and some of the old shirts for my wife and sons. Other than that, I tried to be a good boy. Saturday, yesterday and today were the first days I have felt good on my post marathon runs. Just takes time. Good luck on your half marathon training. Sooner or later our paths will cross again...


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