Olathe Running Club...

I’ve thought about joining a running club for a while, but never really got around to it. I started thinking over the last few days that as I really work to get my miles up over the summer I will need some breaks from such “serious” running and do a little of the running just for fun. That led me to the decision to finally look into a club. The Olathe Running Club has two weekly runs, one on Wednesday evening and one on Saturday morning, both of these are pretty close to my home. They also have a meeting the first Monday evening of each month at my favorite pizza place, Pizza Shoppe, which also happens to be right down the road from my house. I contacted the president of the club, Paul, and asked if I could join their Wednesday night run yesterday so I could meet some of them and get a feel for what it’s all about. I really enjoyed the run. They all seem to be very friendly, outgoing people and I feel like I can make some real friends there. Both my wife and I have decided to join, and I believe Jolene (from the Good Guys vs Bad Girls 2011 Run Mileage Competition on Facebook) is going to join once she gets her knee back up to speed.

I ran with the other guys, including Paul. The runs are typically between 3 and 6 miles. One of the guys we were running with last night is working his way back from a back injury, so we took it very slow. 4.11 miles in 42:49, one of my slowest runs in a while, but it was very enjoyable. I think having these nice easier runs with some company twice a week will really help me ease the pressure of training to increase my mileage. I also think I’ll make some good new friends that are also runners, which is always great! I think overall this is going to be very beneficial for me and Kristy.


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