Recovery is going well, I even hit a couple milestones...

So far my recovery from this foot injury seems to be going quite well. I got in 3.1 miles yesterday after work and 5.3 miles this morning before work. I had no pain during either run and the foot's continued to feel good after the runs. That is definitely encouraging. I continue to follow doctor's orders. I'm icing it each morning and each evening no matter how it feels and I'm taking my medicine twice a day as well. Hopefully it will continue to improve and I can get back to hitting the miles that I want to, but I'm not going to rush it. Today's 5.3 miles got me to a couple milestones that I'm pretty excited about. First, it puts my YTD total miles running at 400.0!! Not too shabby given the fact that I skipped a week last week and ran very little for 2 weeks after Napa Valley! I'm currently on pace for 1,536.84 miles this year, but I no that I'll be well above that since I will be working towards a few ultras. Also, this run put me at 1,202.45 miles all-time, I'm excited to break the 1,200 mile mark!

Running has been great for me and my life since I started. It's taught me patience, perseverance, confidence and competitiveness. It's helped me lose quite a bit of weight and more importantly it's helped me improve my health. It's taught me to eat better, how to train effectively, and how to make sacrifices for my goals. It's brought me in tough with amazing people, especially those on the Good Guys vs. Bad Girls 2011 Run Competition on Facebook. I've gotten to meet a few of them in person and will be meeting more as time goes by, by even those I have not yet met have become great friends and sources of encouragement and motivation. They are fun, outgoing, supportive people that all love running and sharing the joy it brings them. That page has definitely improved my life and my running, and the friends I've made have made my world a brighter place. I love hearing about what they accomplish and sharing in their joy! It's funny that most of us have never met, but we are as tight as a family! Gotta love runners!!!

Happy running, everyone!!!


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