What am I thinking???

I haven’t written any this week because there really hasn’t been much to say. The week was pretty uneventful, but that definitely changed yesterday!! First of all, here’s an update on my foot. I’m still a week away from being allowed to bike and 2 weeks from my next ortho appointment, so at least another 2 weeks with no running. I’ve had no pain, no discomfort, and no stiffness in my foot at all this week. I’m hoping that’s a good sign and the doctor will let me get back to working out after my next appointment.
That leads right into my next update. I know I need to not overdue things when I come back; I need to basically start from scratch. So I’m taking the opportunity to start from scratch as a barefoot runner. I will use my Vibrams on a limited basis, but I plan to primarily go barefoot. I’m excited about trying something new. So I came up with a tentative plan. I say tentative because it really only applies if the doc lets me start running after my next appointment. Like I said, I need to start basically from scratch. I’ll start off with the last 5 weeks of the Couch To 5k running plan. This entails run/walking to get myself back into shape and get my feet used to being barefoot without tons of mileage. The run/walk approach will be annoying, but I think smart. I read the Barefoot Running Book and in the end of it he lays out some training plans. One of them is a 20 week marathon plan that takes you from no miles to a marathon, so that will be a good way to get back ready for the Route 66 Marathon November 20th. Now let’s just hope the doctor agrees to all this at the next appointment!!!
Now, on to yesterday’s craziness. Our good friends, Team Ruhs (Ron & Bobbie Ruhs) were in town to run a 50k trail race so Kristy and I went to meet up with them and see them finish. We missed Ron finishing, but Bobbie came through about 10-15 minutes after we got there. They are simply amazing! They really inspire me. After their race we went out to dinner together and, of course, discussed running, races, trail running, training, etc, etc, etc. I am now convinced that it is not possible to spend time with the Ruhs and not sign up for races shortly after!! When the wife & I got home I was on the internet and stumbled onto a duathlon here in the town we live in taking place in July. I’m wanting to do a triathlon next year and I’ve been wanting to buy a road bike and start biking so I thought this would be a great excuse to start! So, on 7/23 I will be running a 5k, riding 27.5k (17 miles) then run another 5k! Of course, the day after this is one of my favorite 5k’s so that’s still in the plan too, busy weekend! For some reason, this seems to have finally sparked the competitor in my wife!! Not only did she agree to run the duathlon as well, probably still do the race the next day as well, but then she spend several hours on the internet finding more and more races!! We’ve been talking about trying trail running so she found us a trail 5k and 10k.
So since the injury, here’s how my race plan has changed:
                Swope Park Cross Country 5k (5/21)
                Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon (6/4)
                Warrior Dash (7/30-7/31)
                Kansas City Marathon (10/15)
                Blue Springs 50k (10/30)
                Summer Intro 5k Trail Race (6/18)
                Prairie Punisher Duathlon (7/23)
                Harrier Hustle 10k Trail Race (8/13)
                North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon (8/28)
                Bike For The Brain (9/5) – 64 mile bike ride
                Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon (11/12)
                Great Santa Run 5k (12/4) – ?? - we may be out of town


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