16 hours and counting...

As I write this post there are 16 hours exactly until I get to finally log some running miles!  In some ways it feels like it's been years since I ran, in other ways it feels like I never missed any time.  What is it about running that allows it to engrain itself in the fiber of our being?  I find this question answered and yet more elusive every time I run.  It's been a long 7 weeks, hoestly I feel like I'm getting ready to run a big race!  It's not going to be anything big, just a slow, short (3 mile max) treadmill run.  I'm definately mentally ready, let's just hope my foot is ready!! Hopefully it will be a nice, pain-free run that will have me back on track.

Happy running, everyone, I'll be thinking of you all and the encouragement you have given me the last couple months!!


  1. Enjoy your treadmill run! I'm on week 2 of a tibia injury myself, so I'm sure just being to do any sort of running again will feel fantastic! Have a good time and I look forward to reading your blog!


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