It really is like starting over…

…but that’s a great thing!  I’m struggling through workouts, fighting through runs and struggling with food.  It’s like when this whole journey started.  I’m reminded of why I started this journey and how hard it was.  I’ve learned a lesson, next time I’m injured I’m not slacking off again.

My last post was Sunday, so let me give you the low-down on yesterday and today.  Yesterday I did 3.1 miles on the ‘mill at an 11:32 pace, it was great.  Then yesterday evening we had our monthly meeting with the Olathe Running Club.  It’s always great to get together and socialize with all of my fellow runners, but I’m really looking forward to running with them again.  After the meeting I came home and mowed the yard.  This morning before work was another tough weight training session.  I did Javorek’s Weight Training II Plan week 1 day 2, it’s a pretty good workout all the way through, but the part that really got me was ending with 4 sets of 20 lunge walks with 10# dumbbells, that’s TOUGH after so much time off!!!  After work I came home to run another 3.1 on the ‘mill this time at an 11:05 pace.  I’m continuing my slow climb back to my old pace and hopefully even better.  Yet again, there was no pain at all, no discomfort.  I’m really pleased so far with how well my recovery is going.  Hopefully it continues and my doc gives me the all-clear on the 15th.  Now it's time to feed all the pets then I'm going to do P90X Stretch again.

NOTE: For some reason Blogger won’t let me update my “Running Totals”, so:
            Last Run: 3.1
WTD: 6.2
June: 12.2
YTD: 444.56
            All Time: 1,247.01


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