One of my happiest runs…

I’ve never smiled all the way through a 3 mile run.  There have been plenty of runs that I’ve enjoyed and smiled during, but never all the way.  Then again, I’ve been running for a little over a year and a half and I’d never had to take 7 weeks off for a stress fracture.  It’s been 7 weeks since my last run.  I’ve been doing everything the doctors ordered.  6 weeks in a horribly uncomfortable ortho shoe (2 weeks of which I even had to wear it at night), I’ve been taking additional vitamin and calcium supplements, I haven’t been running, I haven’t been walking any more than needed, 5 weeks of no cycling, word-for-word I’ve followed every direction and suggestion.
My foot has been feeling good.  In fact, at my last appointment with Dr. Patel he told me he was impressed with how well my foot was healing.  This comment really helped build my confidence.  He directed me to take one week on the elliptical (which was hell) then, on 6/3, I would be allowed to run in well cushioned shoes on a treadmill at a max of 3 miles.  Today is 6/3.
I got up at my normal time of 5:40 to head to the gym.  I was honestly nervous on my way.  What if my foot started hurting during the run?  What if my doctor was wrong and my foot isn’t healing as well as he thought?  What if I did even further damage to my foot making me miss even more time?  Honestly, I had a similar feeling as I have on my way to a race; excitement, anticipation, nervousness, etc.
I got on the treadmill as I have many times before.  I did my normal 5 minute warm up walk to get my heart rate up and prepped for the run, and then it was time.  I had decided to keep my speed low to avoid any chance of doing too much too soon.  Before my injury my easy run pace was at about 9:30-9:45 per mile, I kept this run at a 12:00 mile pace.  It has probably been a year since I had a full run that slow.  I couldn’t help but smile as I started running, it had been 7 weeks.  I smiled through the entire 3 miles.  I felt no pain at all the entire run.  No stiffness, no pain, no discomfort, no soreness, nothing! 
Now my confidence is growing even higher.  I’m loving the opportunity to restart my life as a runner.  I look forward to sharing this continued journey with you as I rebuild my speed, endurance and mileage.  I hope to continue pain free as I move forward and I hope to get cleared to get back running on the roads at my next appointment on 6/15.  I’m not sure what my hopes are as to when he will let me move on with my barefoot running, but I look forward to it.  Thanks for all of the support you’ve all given me!


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