So much fun, so little time…

Me, Kristy & Ryan
Well, to be honest, I’ve been having so much fun running again I had to go read my last couple posts to remember where I last left off with what’s been going on!  It’s like being a kid again!  I smile during runs; I laugh and really enjoy myself.  Maybe the stress fracture really was a good thing!  Ok, lots to fill you in on, so here it goes:

Me, Kristy, Jay and Crystal
I did some pretty consistent treadmill running between my second and third visit with Dr. Patel.  All of the runs went great, so going into my appointment I was confident I would get good news.  Well, it was a good news/bad news kind of situation, but luckily the bad news wasn’t that bad.  We started out with an EMG with Dr. Pratt.  Let me tell you, this is a test you don’t want!  They stuck me with some needles and spend quite some time electrocuting different parts of my feet and legs to see how the nerves would fire.  OUCH!!  This is the “bad” news part.  I seem to have peripheral neuropathy.  Yeah, I didn’t know what the heck that meant either!  Basically, normally your feet and your hands are the most sensitive parts of the body; your sensitivity reduces slightly as you move from your extremities toward your core.  My nerves are different, my hands and feet are much less sensitive.  Not enough to red flag a problem, they described it as “low-normal” meaning it isn’t that bad just not as good as most.  This Is quite likely why I fractured my foot, I simply never felt the pain enough to realize it was bad enough to need to stop.  Now that we know this I can move forward with my running with a new level of understanding of my own body.  The main sign to watch for with possible injuries for me will be swelling rather than pain.  Also, any sensation needs to be taken as if it were a level worse.  If my foot is uncomfortable I need to assume it is actually sore, if I feel soreness I need to assume it hurts, if it hurts there’s a serious problem.
Me in my Vibrams just past the half-way mark

The good news was that Dr. Patel released me for full running and normal activities with no restrictions!  I’m back!!  I’m now back in my Vibrams and running outside!!  YES!!!  I feel like a runner again!  Dr. Patel did an amazing job of helping me control my impulses by giving me specific rules of what I could and could not do, listening to me and giving me lots of great information.  Unlike many doctors it was not just him telling me what to do and not to do, it was dialog.  I talked, he listened; he talked, I listened.  For anyone in the Kansas City area that has a foot injury or problem, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Patel at Rockhill Orthopedics.

The weekend before the last appointment my wife and I had a wine night at our house and I finally got to me my new ultra partner, Jill.  It was a fun night and she is an awesome lady!  I can’t wait for us to get to do some running together.  I know that after a few months interacting on Facebook and our one night hanging out together that we will all be great friends for a very long time!  It’s so great to meet new running friends!
Me having some fun at the finish

Today was a big morning in two ways.  I had a race!  It was my first race back since the injury along with being my first trail race ever, in fact, it was my first trail run at all!!  Me, Kristy, our friend Ryan, along with Jay and Crystal from the Olathe Running Club all ran the KC Trail Nerds Summer Intro Trail Race.  It was so much fun!  2.47 miles in 29:32.  Now compare that to a road race and I’d be disappointed, but a trail race just can’t be compared to a road race.  There were trees hanging low you had to duck under, trees on the ground you had to climb or jump over, huge, steep hills with mud providing no good footing.  It was SO much fun!  I’m definitely interested in more trail running.  I think I love road racing more, but that trail was an absolute blast!
Me starting my first race back in action

Tomorrow is my restart of P90X, this time with doctor and more importantly spousal approval, so no starting and stopping.  I’m excited for the challenge and I think it will really help get me back in shape.  Kristy found a weight bench with a couple hundred pounds of plates at a garage sale so we are working on cleaning up the basement so we can turn it into a pretty nice gym which will be my P90X home base. 


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