Words for the day…

I based my whole day on 2 words (based on the 2 big tasks for the day).  The first word is weights (meaning I needed to get back into an organized weight training routine), the second word was healthy (we went grocery shopping and the goal was to only buy healthy foods).  I’d say it was a success on both counts, here’s why.

First off, I got up a little late, I fell back asleep after breakfast, and honestly I needed it so I didn’t feel bad about it.  I headed to the gym around 11 AM for weight training.  I know I had said last weekend that I was starting P90X, but that has been put on hold.  After seeing what was involved in the Plyometrics disc I decided I needed to wait to get full clearance from the doctor to avoid reinjuring my foot.  That was disappointing, so I slacked off on weight training this week because of that disappointment.  Well, no more, I’m running again so I need to build my strength back up again.  So I dusted off the weight training plan I got in class at JCCC in the fall and decided I would do that plan until I can get started on P90X.  I’d forgotten how challenging those workouts were!  I was exhausted after that, but it felt great to hit the weights again.  59 minutes and 48 seconds of good weight training burned 568 calories, which is great, but as we all know weight training does way more good than just calories burned can show so it was a success!

After some hanging out and resting this afternoon and a trip to Gary Gribble’s Running Sports to use my gift certificate won from See KC Run on a couple more pairs of Injinji socks we headed out to the grocery store.  I need to get my nutrition back under control so the goal was to not buy anything that was unhealthy.  I got lots of salad stuff, sandwich stuff, meats I can precook and take for lunches, yogurt, that kind of stuff.  I turned down a lot of things that sounded great but just were not healthy foods.  I have gotten very out of control with my eating while injured along with little working out, so it was important to not stray and get bad foods this time.  Normally I allow myself some indulgences, but this time I felt I needed to stick to healthy food only to get myself back on track before I start allowing some indulgences.

Well, good day so far for sure.  After some dinner I’m going to do P90X Stretch.  It’s been so long since I hit weight training that hard, so I can already feel my muscles getting tight.  I’ve got a run in the morning, so I need to keep myself loose as best as I can.  Tomorrow’s agenda is 3 miles at 11:32 per mile before work then after work is our monthly meeting at the Pizza Shoppe with the Olathe Running Club (that’ll be my food indulgence for the week).  There should be some good stories at the meeting, several of our members have had successful races this month, including my wife and several others at the Hospital Hill Run yesterday.  Should be a great evening as always!


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