So Far A Pretty Nice Week...

Well, on Monday I told you that I needed to get back to a more balanced approach to my fitness like I used to have.  Well, I'm pleased to report, so far, so good!!  It's been an active week and I'm remembering how great it feels to wake up early and start my day with a workout!  Here's what has gone on this week so far:

On Sunday night I had a pretty bad headache, so I went ahead and called in to my boss and let him know I was going to take a vacation day the next day to rest up.  Well, the great thing was that Monday I woke up feeling great; my headache was gone!  I had a few arrands to run around lunch time, so instead of getting my car keys I got my bike out!!  It was a little chilly out, and even spitting rain a little, but it was fun anyway.  Gardner is a small town, so to get everywhere I needed to go I only covered a total of 5.41 miles, but that is more exercise than I would have gotten driving in my car, so it was nice!  I got some funny looks at the Subway when I pulled up to the door on my bike and proped it up rather than pulling a car into the parking lot!!  Monday evening my wife & I were set to meet up with some friends from our running club, but it was cold and rainy and none of them came.  I decided that since Tuesday was set to be a non-running day I'd skip my Monday evening run and do it Tues morning.  So Kristy & I went to Chili's instead and I had a nice, healthy dinner (I absolutely love their grilled salmon).

I got up at 5:40 Tuesday morning and went for a cold 3.48 miles in 35:51 (avg 10:18).  It wasn't a bad run, I struggle to keep my pace in the cold, so I'm not excited about winter.  I picked the wrong route to take, I'm not sure why I always seem to forget that running on the path down Center Street is basically like running in a wind tunnel, but I do!  I had a cold wind the entire way, no fun for me!  I felt great all day, and I had more energy throughout the day, so hopefully I can stick to working out before work like I used to, I don't know why I stopped.

Wednesday morning I was up at 5:40 again (can you call it bright and early if the sun isn't up yet???) for P90X Legs & Back and Ab Ripper.  Wow, this workout really showed me just how out of shape I've gotten!!  It was great, but I really thought I was going to pass out doing Ab Ripper!!  Again, it was great to have more energy and be more awake all day at work!  That evening was our Olathe Running Club Wed Night Run.  It was cold again, of course, but that's just something I'm going to have to get used to since I'm fighting the urge to head indoors.  It was 46* (41* windchill) at the start, 43* (38* windchill) when I finished, not good for me!  Ran the first 3.4 miles with Mark McDonald then he turned off and I continued on alone; just a man and his headlamp!  Nice run overall, lots of hills on this route and Mark & I chatted a lot so my pace was all over the map!!  I did a total of 5.08 miles in 51:27 (avg 10:08).  Tapering for this 50k is tough, I feel like 5 miles is such a short run now and I'm running so many 3-5 milers.  I got used to the nice long runs!

I got up again this morning (Thursday) at 5:40 for some yoga.  I went down to the basement/gym and Bob Harper was waiting and ready to kick my butt!!!  Okay, so it wasn't really Bob (I wish) it was the Biggest Loser Yoga Weight Loss DVD, but he still kicked my butt!  It was really hard since it's been so long with no yoga or strength training, but it felt great to be pushing myself again!!  The DVD is set up so that at the menu you select which workouts you want included; Warm Up, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Cool Down.  Well, I wanted a full hour, so I selected them all.  It is a little different than a lot of yoga videos and classes, but it was fun and challenging.  It's nice to have the familar faces of Bob and the former BL contestants rather than the standard Barbie-doll, perfect figured models.  It was a nice workout and again, great energy today!  Tonight when I get home I'm going to run about 4 miles, then tomorrow is a non-running day, but I will be getting up early to do P90X Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper.

It's going to be a difficult weekend mentally since I don't get a real long run, just 5 miles Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  But I feel strong and ready for the Blue Springs 50k.  I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous as hell, but I'm confident.  I think getting used to being up early again and getting in the additional functional workouts will help me a lot.


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