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North Face Endurance Challenge 50k Race Report

The final race on my 2012 schedule had finally arrived.  I've worked hard this year, especially this fall.  I've documented in plenty of previous posts, but for those of you that have not been reading my blog up to this point I'll fill you in.  This would be the 7th race in 35 days; two 5k, one 8k, two marathons and two 50k.  I was exhausted mentally and physically as race day drew near.  i had my concerns about running 31 miles on pavement, especially with all of the races I've done leading up, but I was not going to let it intimidate me out of completing my goal.  My friend Erica Carper (fellow Trail Nerd/Mud Babe) decided we'd run it together since we have both been struggling a little lately.  We decided that the pain and anguish involved would be easier to handle together.  Also, our friend Mel (another Trail Nerd) lives right on the course so she decided she would meet up near her house and spend some time running with us to keep us company and bring us some…

Pilgrim Pacer Marathon Race Report

Alternate title: "A Tale Of Two Halves".  The first and second halves of this race couldn't have been more different!  Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though, you know by now that I have to give a back story first!  Last year the Pilgrim Pacer Marathon was the race that got me qualified for the Marathon Maniacs, so I was excited to have this be the first marathon I've ever run for a second time!  (see last year's race report here)  It's been a tough lead up to this race, in the 28 days leading up to it I've run two 5k, one 8k, another marathon and a 50k.  One week after this I will have my last 50k of the year.  So that's a lot of racing, my body was feeling good as race day got here, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little mentally tired.  No time for that, I've got a marathon to run!

Friday evening, the night before the race, I went over to packet pick up after getting off work at 6:00 where my wife Kristy, fellow Tra…