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Training Log Week 4: Garmin Half Marathon Training...

I'm a bit late getting my Week 4 wrap up done, but here it is! It wasn't spectacular, but it was good and I had some fun along the way. I was still working on coming back from my cold that hindered week 3, so I did skip a couple workouts, but overall I think it was a successful week. Finishing this week also got me through day #27 of the 100 Days Challenge. I really feel good about the variety of workouts I had again this week and everything I accomplished. I am definitely getting stronger as the weeks go by, and that really is the point of training. There are now 12 weeks to go until the Garmin Half Marathon and I think I'm on a good track to accomplish my goal there as I am feeling and seeing the results of my hard work training.

Day-by-day went as follows: Monday: 2,100 yard Endurance Drills swim; 3.1 mile treadmill run; 1 mile treadmill walk; 100 Push Ups program W2D1; Coaching Connection apt at YMCATuesday: 2,400 yard swim; 24.26 mile interval bike trainer rideWednesda…

Training Log Week 3: Garmin Half Marathon Training

The week that wasn't.  I got a cold on Monday and spent the rest of the week recovering from it, so my training plan went out the window for the week.  I hate missing all of that training, but you have to stay healthy, right?  Well, now I'm feeling much better and I'm ready to move on to week 4 and hoping for greater success.  I did manage to do just enough every day just to keep the 100 Days Challenge alive (getting me through day 20/100), but beyond that it was a week of laying around sick.  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday I just did some walking at work.  Tuesday & Sunday I did some good stretching.  Friday I did a yoga class and Saturday I did a spin class and core/flexibility class.  Not much accomplished, but I am feeling good again and I have plenty of time to still be plenty ready for the race, so I'm not going to fret too much about it.

Really, the most exciting part of the week turned out to not be directly workout related.  After my classes Saturday mo…

Training Log Week 2: Garmin Half Marathon Training

I must say, week 2 of Garmin Half Marathon training was amazing!!  I hit 100+ total miles for the first time ever AND they were very productive, quality miles!!  Week 2 has also seen me get 13 days into the 100 Days Challenge to start 2013.  Yeah, it's been a strong year so far!  Although training primarily with the focus of wanting to achieve my first sub-2 hour half marathon, I have been mixing in triathlon training, strength training, core training, etc in an attempt to get myself into better overall shape and I am seeing the results.  Not only am I seeing the results, but I'm having FAR more fun and enjoying my workouts.  I'm not getting burnt out or bored because, although working out way more time-wise than I was, I am varying my workouts so much that it is staying fresh and I'm improving in more areas than I would with just half marathon training.

Here's the day-by-day of this week:
Monday:  Javorek's General Fitness Weight Training for 48:18; Easy tread…

Training Log Week 1: Garmin Half Marathon Training

In order to help meet my goal of writing in my blog more this year, I've decided to start writing a weekly wrap up.  This week was my first week of official training for the Garmin Half Marathon, so I thought this would be a great time to start.  I will use these wrap ups to tell you about what I did that week and how I'm feeling about my training, along with any other details I feel are relevant.  Hopefully you all will find these worth reading and even maybe keep me accountable if you see me slipping on my goals; especially my goad to do a balanced variety of workouts.

Here's the day-by-day run down of my workouts:
Monday (12/31)- 2,200 yard swim (including a 2,000 yard long swim); easy treadmill run of 3.1 miles in 30:57 (9:59 avg pace)Tuesday (1/1)- 2,100 yard Endurance Drills swim, easy treadmill run of 3.1 miles in 30:59 (10:00 avg pace); hard 10.01 mile ride on bike trainer in 34:03 (17.6 mph avg)Wednesday (1/2)- Two separate 1 mile walk breaks of approx 15 min each…

2012: A Year In Review

Well, it's hard to know where to start exactly when reviewing 2012.  It was an interesting year to say the least.  There were lots of highs and lots of lows, new friends, constantly shifting goals, accomplishments and failures.  It seems almost irrelevant to go through the goals I laid out since I changed focus so many times through the year, but I'll do it any way.

1.  Sub-4 hour marathon - LOL, not even close!!  My best marathon in 2012 was Louisiana at 4:46:05, a good 10 minutes slower than my PR & 46:05 slower than this goal.  I don't know what even made me think I could do a sub-4 when I set that goal.  I may get there eventually, but that wasn't a very realistic goal for 2012.

2.  40 miles at Patriots' Run 9 hour 11 minute race - I didn't even run the Patriots' Run in 2012.  Other priorities that came up during the year, along with a change they made to the format of the event moved this race out of my plan entirely.
3.  Get 5 Marathon Maniac sta…