Day 51 of the 100 Days Challenge

When I decided to shut down my Facebook page indefinitely, some of my friends asked me to continue posting my daily workout updates on my blog since I can't post them on FB. I'm not sure why anyone is so interested in what I do for workouts on a day-to-day basis, but apparently a few folks are. That definitely makes me feel good and I really hope they draw some sort of inspiration from what I do. Well, as for today, it was officially day 51 of the 100 Days Challenge! Unofficially, it is my 52nd consecutive workout day. I worked out on New Year's Eve, but didn't start the challenge until New Year's Day, so my personal streak is actually one day longer than my streak for the Challenge.
  1. Over my lunch break I went down to the fitness center at my work and did my Tempo Run from my half marathon training plan. I did a 1 mile warm up @ 9:42, 4 tempo miles @ 8:17, then a 1 mile cool down @ 9:37. Total of 6 miles in 52:27 (8:50 avg pace). At least that's what the treadmill said. I really think it is not calibrated correctly and this was likely closer to 5 miles. That's the main reason I avoid working out there, I really just don't think that treadmill is right, but it's all I had available to me today.
  2. I had no cycling on my plan today, but my lunch break run just didn't seem like enough. While Kristy was on the treadmill running after work, I was on the trainer next to her riding. 20.03 miles in 1:00:10 (20 mph avg). Another good ride, getting better used to the new seat. I love this bike. Just sayin'.
So that's my workout day today, total of 26.03 miles and 1:53:07. Another solid day. If you're interested, you may also want to check out the post I wrote earlier today about my feelings on the year so far, my new bike & my hiatus from the Facebook.


  1. 52 days that is awesome! (Jarn here, I think this shows me properly as Jenn)

    Definitely an inspiration. I'm skipping my tempo tonight as I don't feel well but now I'm going to have to get out and get some short in at least. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I hope you feel better soon, I've been fighting colds & sinus infections all year!


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