Jay's Virtual Duathlon (Day 54 of 100 Days Challenge)

Day 54 of the challenge represented by Randy White (#54)
My friend Jay (fellow Trail Nerd & Mud Babe) decided to set up a virtual indoor duathlon and invited me. I definitely thought it would be a fun way to do today's training. I really hope she sees this so she doesn't think I ditched her just because I'm not on Facebook right now. If you know Jay send her a message with a link so she can read this & if you are Jay and are reading this, leave me a comment and let me know you saw it and how your virtual duathlon went! First of all, I need to wrap up yesterday since I didn't post at all what I did. Yesterday ended up being an unwanted rest day. I tried to got to the YMCA after work for a long swim, but they closed early because of "bad weather." Didn't make sense since the snow from the day before had mostly melted from the streets and parking lot and the sun was out, but whatever. So all I ended up doing was 30 min of push ups, crunches, squats & stretching before bed to get the minimum to keep the challenge streak going.

Okay, on to Jay's duathlon! If I remember right, she set it up as a 5k run + 20k bike + 5k run. I needed more than that for my training, so I adjusted a little bit and made it longer for my version. Here's how it went piece-by-piece:
  1. Run #1 - I got to the YMCA when they opened and got on the treadmill for run #1; official start time was 7:03am. I started out with a nice, easy treadmill run. 4.5 miles in 43:33 (9:41 avg pace). I felt good and wanted to go faster, but I wanted to take it easy since I had a long way to go. Transition from run to bike was 4:49.
  2. Cycle - My normal Saturday spin class at the YMCA was the cycle portion of the virtual duathlon. Figures it would be such a tough class today! Almost entirely high resistance sprints & long, sustained high resistance climbs. My calculator I built to estimate my spin class mileage had it at 23.04 miles in 1:00:27 (22.9 mph avg). Very tough class & lots of sweating! Transition from cycle to run was 4:01.
  3. Run #2 - Very strong run to finish off the virtual duathlon. Did a progressive run with a strong negative split. 4.5 miles in 42:23 (9:23 avg pace). First 2.25 @ 9:41, next 2 miles @ 9:14, last 0.25 mile at 8:34. Strong finish to what was a fun & interesting way to do today's training.
Total time for Jay's Virtual Indoor Duathlon was 2:35:13 for 4.5 mile run + 23.04 mile cycle + 4.5 mile run including transitions. It was a very fun way to mix up my training for the day, so thanks to Jay for this one!

Of course, thanks to the YMCA closing yesterday I wasn't done yet. I did a 1 mile cool down walk on the treadmill after I finished my second run in 15:00 so that I could do the swim I missed. After that I hopped in the pool for a long swim & what do you know... a new longest swim ever! No warm up was needed after all I'd already done so I just started swimming and ended up with 3,500 yards (1.99 miles) in 1:18:13 (2:14/100yd). It was a really good, easy effort swim, but as usual, after about 2000yd lap swimming gets very boring & mentally challenging. Sp that makes the overall day's total 35.03 miles & 4:08:26. Another strong Saturday in the books!


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