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2013 Garmin Half Marathon Race Report

"If there is one place that war doesn't belong, it's here. For 1200 years, from 776 BC to 393 AD, your fellow Olympians laid down their arms to take part in these games. They understood there was more honor in outrunning a man than in killing him. I hope the competition will resume, and if it does then you must not think that running, or throwing, or jumping is frivolous. The games were once your fellow Olympian's answer to war. Competition, not conquest. Now they must be your answer." -- Bill Bowerman (from the film Without Limits)
Well, I'd have to say this was one of the two most emotional weeks leading up to a race that I have ever had. The other would be when we lost our Husky Dakota just days before I ran the 2011 Pilgrim Pacer Marathon. This time it was a strange but emotional week. It all started the Saturday one week before race day. I had been targeting a sub-2 hour finish for this event. The Saturday before the race I was scheduled for a 10 miler wi…