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2013 KC Corporate Challenge Triathlon Race Report

I have expressed a number of times this year, and in the few days since this race that finding triathlons has really changed my attitudes on training and has been amazing for me. I hope that excitement and love of multi-sport events comes through in this post. First, I want to explain something that you will need to know as this report goes on, I will mention it a number of times. I have not run this race before, but I will refer to my course record a number of times anyway. This event is run on the same course as the Shawnee Mission Triathlon, which I ran last year as my first triathlon ever. There was one change made to the course for this year, though. Last year the run was 2.4 miles and this year it was extended 0.8 miles to a 3.2 mile run. Other than that, it would be the exact same course. Leading up to the race, I thought that was very exciting. I could really test what I could do know that I have really been training for triathlons and I have a better bike. Doing this same cou…

2013 KC Corporate Challenge Half Marathon Race Report

Well, it's been almost 3 weeks since the race, so I guess I better get my report out! For those of you that are not familiar with the Kansas City Corporate Challenge, let me start by explaining what this competition is all about. It really is a pretty cool concept. It is an Olympics-style competition for companies in the greater Kansas City area. There are MANY different events from the half marathon to a 1 mile walk to a track competition to a triathlon to golf to ping pong to disc golf and on and on and on. Companies pay for an overall entry fee and are slotted into divisions based on the number of employees they have in the area. Then the companies recruit their employees to take part in the various events at no cost to the employee. For any event an employee takes part in the company gets a point, also various points are given based on how the employees perform in each event. At the end of the competition, all of the points are tallied and the companies are ranked by their div…